How to Go Hiking in Maryland

If you live in the state of Maryland or if you plan on visiting the state of anytime in the future, there is much more to do than what you might first realize. For many people, visiting the state is about going to one of the larger cities, such as Baltimore. The fact of the matter is, however, when you look to the outdoors, you will find that Maryland is an excellent place to be.

One of the options to consider when visiting is to go hiking. There are many smaller hiking trails that can be found throughout the state, some of which are for beginners and others that can be quite difficult. You can try these various hiking trails, regardless of whether it is in the Western mountains or perhaps in the area of Catoctin, near Camp David. These hiking trails offer more than just a great way to get out in the great outdoors, it offers the ability to see some beautiful overlooks as well.

If you are really into hiking, you will have to try the Appalachian Trail while you are in Maryland. The Appalachian Trail runs from Maine to Georgia but near the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania, you will find the halfway point. It winds its way through the state, offering you some of the most beautiful vantage points that you could ever imagine.

For some people, hiking on the Appalachian Trail is about doing a day hike and they go in at one area and come out at another. You can also do a round trip hike, although you don’t get to cover quite as much territory. For other people, however, hiking through the Appalachian Trail in Maryland can be done overnight or perhaps for several nights. It is one of the smaller distances along the trail, so you could try hiking through the entire state if you like.

If you do plan on hiking while you are in Maryland, make sure that you come prepared. This would include having the proper clothing, especially if you are in the off-season. It can get quite cold in the winter time and the snow can quickly accumulate when you are in the mountains. The summer can also be considerably hot and the bugs can be bad during that time as well. If you prepare properly, however, you can enjoy all the hiking that the state has to offer.